Payment Options


Thank you for your inquiry regarding the varied Payment Options and financing available.

As always conventional methods of payment including Visa, Mastercard, Personal Check (with 14 day bank clearance), Cashier’s Check, Money Order(s) (with 14 day bank clearance) and Cash are always acceptable.

Dr. Rochlin offers many payment methods including varied Financing Options with a number of companies and/or the In-Office Layaway Plan to assist patients in obtaining their cosmetic procedures.

An In-Office Layaway Plan allows her patients to open an account with $1000 nonrefundable deposit and set up a series of payments via debit, credit, post dated checks or cash pay office appointments. Most patients opt for bi-monthly payments for a duration of 12 months, though we are flexible to your individual needs.

We would be happy to assist you if you are interested with the financing companies we work with or to set up your In-Office Layaway Plan with us. Feel free to contact our office or email us at to set up your consultation today to find out the cost of your customized cosmetic procedure and surgical cost quote.

As always conventional methods of payment including Visa, Mastcard, Personal Check (with 14 day bank clearance), Cashier’s Check, Money Order(s) (with 14 day bank clearance) and Cash are always acceptable.

Dr. Rochlin has pioneered a new idea in the realm of Cosmetic Surgery by offering what you might find in a retail store – a Layaway Plan! With Dr. Rochlin’s Cosmetic Surgery Layaway Plan – IT IS SUPER EASY TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

There are no additional fees, credit inquiries or costs incurred if you opt to go with the Layaway Plan. What you do, you come in, meet with Dr. Rochlin and discuss your cosmetic surgery goals, you both discuss the surgical options on how to attain those goals. A surgical quote is then worked up for the entire cost of your procedure. Her office staff will gladly call you with the information or e-mail you a full quote sheet.

If you decide the procedure(s) is something you want to get done and Layaway is the financing option you would like to use. Let us know and we will get you set up. We can set an appointment to come into the office or we can e-mail you the Layaway Plan so you can work out a budget that works best for you.

Most patients make bi-weekly payments and pay off in approximately one year. First, you open an account with a initial $1000 nonrefundable deposit, then schedule a series of payments to begin paying off your surgery cost. With your Layaway Plan our staff will sit down with you personally and work out a series of debit card or credit card transactions, post dated checks or cash pay appointments either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly at the time of setting up the Layaway Plan. It’s based on your budget and is flexible to your needs!

Once you are close to 90-95% of the surgical quote paid, then dates for pre-operative appointments and the surgery you have been waiting for is scheduled!

For more Layaway details click on the Layaway Form and get set up today for a consultation with Dr. Semone Rochlin’s office today at 602.653.0540 or email us at

The companies can take anywhere from 2-7 business days for approvals. If you have any difficulties with any of the contacts below, please always feel free to contact our office.

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United Medical Credit
Phone: 855.503.1800

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Phone: 800.677.0718

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