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Do you need ear lobe reconstruction in Scottsdale AZ? Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rochlin specializes in ear lobe reconstruction. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, she provides simple yet effective solutions for fixing your earlobe issues. Consult with her today to discuss the surgical procedure in detail.

Ear lobes are an important body feature and unfortunately, sometimes the earlobe can be torn by accident while wearing an earring or can be stretched.

There is, a method to fix this problem. cosmetic surgery on ear lobes can help to remove signs of trauma The anatomy of a tear is quite simple. The ear lobe is only skin and fat. There’s no hard cartilage to cut through. That’s why a lobe can tear or stretch so easily.

There are several methods of ear lobe plastic surgery. Most involve removing the skin lining the tear or stretched skin and reducing the size of the lobe. The main idea is to bring the two sides of the lobe together with sutures. Special cuts can be made to promote healing and reshaping without ugly scars. This is all done under local anesthetic.

After the operation patients should expect bruising around the area that fades in 2-3 weeks. Pain associated with operation is minimal and can be easily treated with oral medication. The bandages are only needed for a few days and should be replaced with a lighter dressing. Refraining from sleeping on the ears is required and patients are advised to use a very soft pillow. Showering with shampoo may begin after a few days. Expect two-to-three days of recovery before normal activities can be performed. Consult with your surgeon before attempting any athletic or precarious activities that may affect the healing process.

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