Body Scrub Treatment
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About Body Scrub Treatments

Exfoliation is a gentle process designed to deep clean pores and stimulate the renewal process. By unclogging the pores and removing dead skin cells, skincare products residue, and other toxins, the skin is stimulated into collagen production and new cell generation for visibly smoother, softer skin.

Since your pores commonly become clogged at the surface, it is important to remove all of the dead skin, dry oils, lingering sebum, and skincare gunk, stunting the reproduction of healthy new skin cells.

The way that exfoliation smooths the skin starts with removing that gunk, then, because the skin is thinnest at the top layer (the delicate epidermis), the cell rejuvenation process begins with a gentle resurfacing. With your pores clear and the epidermis slightly agitated, the skin cell production process begins again.

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How to Prepare for an Exfoliating Body Scrub?

Clean your body but do not exfoliate for at least 3 days before the appointment. Use an unscented moisturizer to hydrate your skin and sleep in a breathable fabric like cotton. The day of your appointment you may decide to tone the skin before the skin professional cleans it for you and applies the treatment to your skin.

What to Expect From a Body Scrub Massage?

You may notice a feeling of deep relaxation after the treatment, as well as a sense of vitality due to the removal of toxins from your muscle and skin tissues. When combined, the stimulating effects of a body scrub, skin exfoliation, and massage are one of the most calming ways to create a signature look. Not only will your skin look soft and dewy, but you will also radiate from the inside out with a new found glowing energy.

Body Scrub Treatment FAQs

After an exfoliation body scrub treatment, you may notice that your skin is not only softer and more dewy looking but that it’s also touchably smoother. This is due to the brand new layer of skin cells that your body produced shortly after the treatment.
During every decade, your skin continues to regenerate new healthy skin cells every few weeks. In fact, every single day your skin sloughs off old cells, oils, and other compounds, including toxins, while you exfoliate.

Exfoliation treatments provide regular removal of grime, skin, and sebum, that leads to numerous benefits for healthy, youthful looking skin. It is important to remember that using regular at-home exfoliation must be paired with regular professional skin treatments.

Improvements in circulation, skin tone, cellular turnover, skin healing, cellular health, moisture balance, anti-aging, scar reduction, and much more, are commonly noticed.
Regular exfoliation is key so, use a microfoliant (gentle scrub) at home every other day. More comprehensive treatments can be added to your skincare regimen to boost results, including a body scrub massage, exfoliating scrub, or exfoliating body scrub with massage. Exfoliating treatments should be scheduled every 3 to 4 weeks.