• Improving Confidence in the Workplace with Facial Cosmetic Surgery

    by Dr. Semone Rochlin
    on Mar 23rd, 2017

These days, appearances count for a lot. In the workplace especially, the perception of whether an individual is competent at their job or confident in the doing of it, is increasingly tied to their outward appearance; a bias that is not exclusively reserved for the Hollywood rich and famous.

There is increasing evidence that looks do, in fact, matter.

Sagging, droopy eyelids, aging skin or wrinkles around the mouth or neck can give your confidence a hit that reflects in your outward appearance. (for both men and women equally).

Fortunately, there are many relatively minor procedures that can help you achieve a more youthful, vibrant visage that will bolster your image and help you shine the spotlight where it belongs – on the work you do and all the good things you bring to the table.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery: Not Just for Hollywood Anymore

There are several reasons you might consider facial cosmetic surgery in it’s many forms and options, and none of it has to do with being camera-ready. People are living longer, and working well past their retirement years, and the longer you are in your position, the more likely it is that you will be surrounded by younger people, from your coworkers to the c-suite.

In the corporate world, there is always an emphasis on image, and that goes hand-in-hand with self-confidence. Looking tired and looking old can lead to misconceptions about the quality of your work. Even employees tend to be willing to do more for ‘better looking’ superiors. More attractive authority figures, such as supervisors or managers, are seen as being more credible and tend to foster greater loyalty amongst their staff.

If this is already happening in your workplace, your confidence can easily take a hit. The ripple effect may indeed change your workplace dynamics, and not in a good way.

In a hiring situation, appearances can make the difference between being hired or not. In a world where you may be competing with people young enough to be your own children, it is becoming more and more important to look youthful and confident in order to stand out.

What Can be Done

There are several facial cosmetic procedures that can help boost your workplace confidence by turning back the hands of time. Some can be performed right in the office, with no anesthesia, and some, like facelifts, are more complex.

Here are some examples of facial cosmetic procedures you might consider:


This is an eyelid reconstruction, which eliminates sagging, drooping skin around the eye area. Your eyes will look brighter and you will be able to drop that ‘always tired’ look. Excess skin around the eyelids is removed, and the incision is virtually undetectable. Recovery time is very short and comes with little discomfort.


Quite possibly one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and can virtually eliminate wrinkles in many areas of the face and neck. The results can last up to six months, and the amount and areas of treatment can appear quite natural. Your co-workers will be wondering what’s different about you – but you don’t have to tell them.

Lip Augmentation

This simple procedure can serve the dual purpose of giving you full, sexy lips and reducing the wrinkles that tend to form around their edges. Lip implants and dermal filler injections are two of the methods Dr. Rochlin uses for lip augmentation.

J Plasma Skin Resurfacing

J-Plasma technology is a revolutionary treatment for skin resurfacing. We are one of the first offices to offer this non-surgical technique that turns back the clock for our patients. With the J-Plasma technology, Dr. Rochlin can eliminate wrinkles, uneven coloring as well as other common signs of aging skin and sun damage to the face — all without lengthy recovery periods or multiple treatments requirements.

The J-Plasma procedure is a non-surgical alternative to the facelift and eyelid surgery as it provides a natural tightening of the skin by increasing the the skin’s natural collagen production.

Turn Back the Hands of Time with Facial Cosmetic Surgery

If you are considering any type of facial cosmetic surgery from the simple to the complex, and are wondering what options might be available to you, call Dr. Rochlin today. Dr. Rochlin has been performing cosmetic surgery in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area for more than a decade, and can help you turn back the hands of time.

Call today to set up a consultation. Your new, youthful face is waiting.

Author Dr. Semone Rochlin Dr. Semone B. Rochlin is a Board Certified General Surgeon specializing in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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