• Doctors of the Desert | Featuring Dr. Semone Rochlin

    on Mar 23rd, 2017

WHOEVER SAID MEDICAL scrubs can’t be stylish and sophisticated hasn’t met Dr. Semone Rochlin. Dr. Rochlin is a board-certified general surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in both Scottsdale and Gilbert.

Doctors of the Desert

She has an artistic eye and creativity that has allowed her to accomplish a level of success and recognition in the medical field as being one of the only female surgeons in the Valley.

“Although awareness that women are successfully participating in surgery is instrumental, there are emotional barriers, including both subtle and overt misogyny and a sense that we don’t belong unless we are as ‘hardcore’ as the men,” she says.

What is more hardcore than eliminating double-standards in the surgical room and maintaining a modest persona in the process?

“Being one of the girls myself, I understand the desire to turn back the hands of time to maintain a more youthful appearance. In fact, I do injections to keep myself looking refreshed and rejuvenated,” she says. “I never forget to check my ego at the door, however.”

Dr. Rochlin is naturally able to understand the needs and concerns of her female patients on a deeper level, but she also expresses the same care for her male patient base.

“Ultimately, no one likes to age. I feel very privileged to be able to make both men and women feel good about themselves and there is nothing better than that!”

Dr. Rochlin offers patients services including breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, mommy makeovers, blephaplasty and PRP hair restoration. She also offers a game changer in skin rejuvenation: J-Plasma, an advanced energy device that enables a high-level of precision, virtually eliminating wrinkles on ones face.

Any form of surgery may cause concerns, but Dr. Rochlin has created an atmosphere of privacy, safety and comfort. Her team of amazing women, who have many years of experience in the industry, greet every patient with warmth and compassion as they walk through the practice’s doors. Patients will even be greeted by Lola, the office’s emotional support dog and one of Dr. Rochlin’s furry children.

“My Puli, Lola, quickly became part of the staff when she first came to the office as a puppy. I have many patients request her to accompany them as an emotional support dog when they come for their appointments.”

For 10 years, Dr. Rochlin has been a board-certified surgeon and has made a name for herself in what is still a predominately male-driven field. Her unwavering commitment to excellence in the medical industry has earned her a coveted fellowship through the American Academy of Osteopathic Surgery – an honor that only the most hardcore surgeons receive.


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