• Contemplation on Augmentation: The 4 S’s of Breast Augmentation

    by Dr. Semone Rochlin
    on Mar 23rd, 2017

We know that cosmetic surgery can be a bit of a taboo topic.

After all, the idea when you have cosmetic, or “plastic” surgery is that no one knows you had it.

The best procedures leave you with noticeable, but natural-looking, results, and one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Scottsdale is breast augmentation. Very few women want to look like they have balloons under their shirt, and fewer can pull it off (Think Dolly Parton).

To keep you from looking like a blow-up doll, or worse, consider these “Four S’s” of breast augmentation.Bikini

1. Surgeon Selection

Bad cosmetic surgery has become such a common fear and a recognizable problem that it has become a trope in everything from comic books (The Joker) to T.V. shows like C.S.I. Miami. The first, and most important, decision you have to make when considering any cosmetic surgery is which surgeon will perform your procedure.

Plastic surgeons do not specialize in cosmetic procedures. Only one-sixth of their training deals with cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons, like Scottsdale’s own Dr. Semone Rochlin, specialize in cosmetic procedures and have the most training and the best ability to give your appearance, and your breasts, a natural-looking boost. It’s also important for your surgeon to provide before and after photos, so you can see their results and make sure their aesthetic is what you want.

Above all, you should choose a surgeon you feel you can connect with on a personal level and that you trust to handle your body. For many women, this means finding a female surgeon like Dr. Rochlin.

Who knows what a woman needs better than a woman?

2. Surgical Incision

Another common fear of women looking to have breast augmentation surgery is that of the huge, jagged scar we generally associate with major surgical procedures. However, there have been major improvements in the way surgeons insert breast implants since their inception. One of these is the “Keller Funnel,” which Dr. Rochlin uses. The Keller Funnel means a smaller incision (and smaller scar), less chance of after-surgery complications, a shorter surgery, and less soreness after the procedure. It’s a winner all around, so even if you go with another surgeon, ask if they use this technique.

3. Size and Shape

Now we come back to the “apples versus softballs versus balloons” part of the equation. Some breast sizes and shapes just don’t work aesthetically for certain body types. This is because of the proportions of the body and the way the breasts work with those proportions.

Your surgeon should know this and explain to you what will and won’t work for your body and why. Be precise in your description of what you want.

Look at before and after photos to see what works best for women with your body type. Above all, whether you’re looking for a dramatic change in your profile or a subtle increase in volume, know exactly what you want to look like and if you’re unsure, be certain the surgeon you’ve chosen takes the time to go over specific shapes and sizes and the pros and cons to each. It’s important to be active in the implant selection process, so you have a good idea of what you’ll be seeing in the mirror after your augmentation.

4. Saline vs Silicone

All that’s left is to decide what kind of implant you want. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides of the silicone versus saline debate.

Saline implants are more noticeable and feel less natural, and they are more prone to rippling and rupture than silicone. They require a smaller incision though, and they don’t cost as much. In addition, if they do rupture, you’ll know it immediately.

Silicone implants are by far the most popular type, though. With the Keller Funnel, the incision needed for a silicone implant is much smaller than it used to be, and silicone has a much more natural look and feel than saline. However, if a silicone implant bursts, you may not see any signs and you’ll need an MRI to see the rupture. However, with the vast improvements in silicone implants, the chance of rupture has been dramatically minimized. Silicone implants cost more than saline implants, but they do tend to give better results.

Next Steps

If you’re reading this, you are probably still in the “research” phase of deciding on a breast augmentation. Why not come in and talk to a real, live surgeon to answer your questions instead of relying on “Dr. Google”? Dr. Rochlin and our friendly staff would be happy to address any concerns you have, woman to woman, and you won’t be pressured into a procedure you aren’t ready for.

Or maybe you already have the information you need and you’re just looking for a surgeon who is qualified and meets your needs. Dr. Rochlin would be happy to perform your augmentation and get you feeling (and looking) your best. We look forward to showing you how cosmetic surgery changes through a woman’s eyes, with a woman’s touch. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!

Author Dr. Semone Rochlin Dr. Semone B. Rochlin is a Board Certified General Surgeon specializing in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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