• Breast Massage and Aftercare

    by Dr. Semone Rochlin
    on Mar 23rd, 2017

Breast MassageAfter your Gilbert breast augmentation surgery, your doctor will recommend regular massage of your breasts for the first three months, eventually tapering to daily massage for up to twelve months afterward. Regular massage serves several purposes:

It is important to perform the massage techniques regularly so that your implants settle into a natural position. The period immediately following your augmentation surgery is the most critical, and massage can have a profound effect on the position, shape and contour of your breasts. Even though you might be feeling some discomfort, try to begin working the massage into your daily routine right away for best results.

Most of the settling will take place within the first three months. During this time, it is recommended that you perform the massage techniques three times daily. After three months, if your implants are looking and feeling great and moving freely, you may be able to reduce the frequency to twice daily. After four months, if you have improved even further, you can go to once daily, but it is recommended that you continue to use these massage techniques through the first year.


Breast Massage Techniques


Downward Massage:

Implants that are placed under the muscle tend to sit higher on the chest. Downward massage can speed up the settling process, stretching out the muscles and giving it a softer, more natural look.

  1. Place both hands on your breast above the nipple
  2. Gently and steadily, pull the breast tissue up while pushing the implant down
  3. Hold for at least ten seconds
  4. Repeat on other breast
  5. Perform ten reps, three times a day on each side


Upward Massage:

Helps to loosen the chest muscle to allow the implant to settle into a natural position.

  1. Cup your palm under the nipple of the opposite breast
  2. Squeeze the implant in an upward direction
  3. Alternate hands and move the implant as high as possible within the implant capsule
  4. Once the implant reaches the top of the pocket, hold in place for at least ten seconds
  5. Repeat for other breast
  6. Perform ten reps three times daily


Medial Massage:

Medial massage involves pushing your implants towards each other. This helps to define your cleavage, and loosens the muscle that may be holding your breasts apart.

  1. Cross your arms over your chest, cupping each breast with the opposite hand (right hand over left breast, left hand over right breast)
  2. Gently push and pull your implants towards the center of your chest so that they touch in the middle
  3. Hold for at least ten seconds
  4. Perform ten reps three times daily


Remember, your implants are part of your body now, and you have the power to make them look the best they can! Be diligent about your implant after care and massage, and your implants are sure to provide you with confidence and pleasure for years to come.

Dr. Semone Rochlin is a cosmetic surgeon performing breast augmentation and breast implants in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the surrounding areas of Phoenix and Gilbert. On a mission to make women look and feel their very best through breast enhancement and other procedures, she is a trusted surgeon who specializes in customized cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Call today for a free consultation.

Author Dr. Semone Rochlin Dr. Semone B. Rochlin is a Board Certified General Surgeon specializing in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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