Back Facials
Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ

As one of the most troubled skin on your body, your back can be exposed to hair product residue, toxic buildup, dead skin, clogging, and clothing irritation. All of this coupled with already acne-prone skin can cause problematic breakouts.

About Back Facial Treatments

A back facial is essentially a process that includes skin cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and then a light massage of the area with topical skincare products designed to leave your skin radiant and toned. Many people suffer from clogged pores, uneven skin tone, dark spots, signs of aging, and persistent acne leaving them with low self-esteem.

This professional skin care treatment is designed to tackle even the worst acne. If you want to bare it all, a skin treatment is an ideal solution.

How to Prepare for a Back Facial Treatment?

Clean your body and consider deep cleansing it with a gentle body scrub. Use an unscented moisturizer to hydrate your skin and sleep in a breathable fabric like cotton. Then, on the day of your appointment, you may decide to tone your skin before the skin professional cleans it for you and applies the treatment to your skin.

What to Expect From a Back Facial?

Providing a deep cleaning of the back, shoulder, and neck skin where the body has millions of oil glands, a back acne facial improves the overall appearance of your body.

Back facial benefits to the skin:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Detoxification
  • Exfoliation
  • Pore unclogging
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Smoother tone
  • Fewer breakouts
  • Dewy skin with soft texture

Back Facials FAQs

The back facial begins with a ritual to remove dead skin cells, add moisture, and remove any nasty build up clogging your pores. Once ingrown hairs, sebum deposits, and blackheads are unblocked, a purification mask is gently applied to the clean skin.

Your cleansed skin is even further sanitized and nourished with the mask for up to 30 minutes. After tonic, hot towels, and skin hydrating moisturizer, you will receive a mild massage to ease muscle tension and increase skin absorption.

Yes! Anyone can benefit from a back facial. Simply cleansing the skin of your back area is a great way to eliminate any lingering toxins that can threaten your skin health. This may include environmental pollutants, product buildup, and even pore-clogging oils and bacteria that lead to breakouts and infections.
Body detoxification, overall skin health, acne relief, relaxation, and enjoyment are just a few of the immediate benefits of a back skin facial.
You will know that your back is getting the attention it needs with professional techniques including deep cleaning, steaming, scrub exfoliation, extraction treatment, mask, and massage. All of this works together to cleanse your skin and boost collagen production for skin renewal.

You may decide to indulge in a back facial procedure before a special event, in the case that you purchased a unique piece of open back clothing and you want to show off your back!